Minggu, 11 Maret 2007

Trying to make a blog

I wonder why everybody making a blog, I dont know what will they do wit their blog. Maybe just for fun, or seriously to make some bussiness.
Well I think, they must be have some purpose for it.
Puts some picture, even video on their blogs, make a stories, or just earn some money from the internet.
By the way, some company prefer to make a blog than a site, I mean a full site that hosted in large space, with special design.
Nowadays, peoples don't need to have ability in web programming, to make their own site. With the technology, people just click few or more links to make a blog instantly. Many site give the free account to make a blog. Including blogger.com, maybe in the future, each people will have their own web server in their home. Who knows... who knows...
Well... why dont you join to make a blog today... like the others.
just give you a reason like this:
  1. With blog, we can be famous
  2. With a blog, we can earn money from it (example: through Google Adsense, or make a blog contain our product or advertise.)
  3. With blog, we can write our expression, idea, and stories to share with the others.

I think thats all folks...
see you next posting... ^_^

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